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Presence in nVX


Presence is the use of color icons to display if a user is available, offline, or currently in a call. Color scheme is as follows:

  • Green – Available
  • Red – On Call
  • Grey – Offline
  • White – Presence Unknown (Ring group, Queue, External contact)

Presence Enabled Users

If presence is enabled, users will be able to see following screen.

Currently, there are two methods where user presence can be seen. More scenarios coming soon.

  1. Search Contact
  2. Favorites

Search Contact

Search any contact name (minimum 3 letters). Search result will show the list of best matched contacts with presence.


  1. Search for a contact
  2. Click on three dots for further actions.
  3. Click on green icon with star to add contact as favorite

Favorites contacts will be displayed under favorites tab.

To remove contact from favorite, click on red icon with star.


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