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Call Detail Records

Call Detail Records (CDRs) show information on individual calls. To view your Call Detail Records, click the Call Detail Records menu icon, on the left panel of the dashboard. Records can be filtered and sorted.

Available Call Details

Each record contains the following details:

  • Type – Direction of call and endpoint used.
  • From – Originating calling number with caller ID or user information
  • To – Called party extension or number.
  • From Time – Date and time the call originated
  • To Time – Date and time the call ended
  • Duration – Length of call
  • Exit Reason – Termination code of call
  • Recording – To play, download or delete the recording.  (if enabled)
  • Call Back option – Click on the three vertical dots to have the remote end number appear and then click on the pop-up to click to dial from here.

Note: The list of records can be sorted (ascending or descending) by any of the fields noted above

Filtering Records

Click on the Expansion arrow next to Filters. 

Records can be filtered by:

  • Call Type – Select Inbound, Outbound or Local
  • From Name – Enter the originating caller information as displayed on the Caller ID (CID) or the user’s name, if internal call.
  • From Number – Enter the originating phone number or extension of the call
  • To Number – Enter the called number or extension.
  • From Time – Enter the beginning date of the filter to be applied.  (The calendar icon can be used to select the date)
  • To Time – Enter the end date of the filter to be applied.  (The calendar icon can be used to select the date)
  • Exit Reason – Select the exit reason to be applied, such as Abandoned, Allotted Timeout, Attended Transfer, Blind Transfer, Call Rejected or Chan Not Implemented.

Note: Number searches support the use of an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character; meaning, any character or sequence of characters in a search


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