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Ending a Meeting

Meeting Participants

Meeting participants can Leave a meeting at anytime without impacting other Meeting attendees. To exit the meeting, participants can click the Leave icon at the top righ tof the meeting window. Participants will be prompted with a confirmation before leaving the meeting. Click the Cancel button to stay in the meeting. Click the Leave button to leave the meeting. After leaving a meeting, the browser will be closed and the user will be redirected back to the nVX User Portal.

Meeting Hosts

Unlike meeting participants, meeting hosts will impact all participants when exiting a meeting.

  • To end a meeting for all participants, Hosts can select the red End button located at the top right of the meetings window. Hosts will be prompted with a confirmation before ending the meeting. Click the Cancel button to stay in the meeting. click the End button to end the meeting for all participants.
  • To leave a meeting without ending it for all participants, the active Host will need to make a different meeting participant the new Host.

Meeting Guest User Experience


Guest users, also known as external users, are non-registered nVX users. Non-registered users of nVX are given a default set of permissions and privileges.

Inviting Guest Users

There are 4 ways of inviting guest users to the meeting:

  • Schedule a meeting via the User Portal
  • Add guest user(s) into an active meeting
  • Schedule a meeting via the nVX Outlook Plugin
  • Add via nVX Mobile Apps (Android/iOS)

Schedule Meeting from User Portal

A meeting host can invite guest user(s) to the meeting while scheduling it in the User Portal.

  1. Click on Schedule Meeting from the User Portal
  2. Enter the meeting details and contacts to be invited
  3. Enter the guest user’s email address and press the Tab key. Note: Make sure to use the Tab key after entering the guest email address otherwise the guest will not receive the meeting invitation.

Add to Active Meeting

If a meeting has already been started, a host or participant can invite a guest user immediately using the invite button.

Invite via Email

Enter the guest users’ email address and press the tab key. Click the Invite button to send the email invitation. Click the Cancel button to cancel the meeting invite.

Invite via Meeting Info

Guests can be invited by sending the meeting details. Click on Copy button and paste to users. They can join meeting via suitable method:

  • Meeting URL – Click on meeting URL to directly enter Meeting (Registered users and Guest users)
  • Meeting ID – Open User Portal and enter Meeting ID to join the meeting (Registered users only)
  • Join via Phone – Dial in any of the suitable number and follow the instructions.

Invite via SMS

Click on SMS tab and enter a 10-digit mobile number to send meeting URL via SMS.

Schedule Meeting from nVX Outlook Plugin

A meeting host can invite guest user(s) to a meeting while scheduling the meeting through Outlook via the Outlook Plugin.

Add via nVX Mobile Apps (Android/iOS)

A meeting host can invite guest user(s) to a meeting while scheduling the meeting through the nVX Mobile Apps. Hosts can also add guest users to live meeting via the Mobile App following the same format as the User Portal.

Join Meeting as Guest User

Join through Email Invitation

External users will receive an email with following details in the email body when invited by a meeting Host. Guest user(s) can select the suitable method to join the meeting; Dial in or click the link to join in a single click via nVX User Portal.

Logging in as a Guest

Upon joining a meeting, the guest user will be asked to login. Because the user is unregistered, they must select Join Meeting as Guest. If the meeting host has not started the meeting yet, the Join Meeting as Guest button will not be selectable.

Guest join view if meeting has not begun.
Guest join view if meeting has started.

Guest users will then be prompted with a splash page asking them to enter their name and email address. Once both are entered, click the Join Now button to join the meeting.

After logging in successfully, guest users will be directed to the live meeting.

Feature Limitation for Guest users

Guest cannot start a meeting

Guest users are not allowed to start a meeting. They can enter meeting only if meeting is started by Host or any other participant. If meeting is not started, guest user login will not be available.

Guest cannot invite others

Guest users are not allowed to invite other participants. They will get following popup.

Meetings: Controls and Capabilities

When participating in an nVX video meeting, users will have acces to:

  • Invite participants
  • Share screen or application
  • Share a file
  • View participants
  • Record the meeting
  • Turn on/off video
  • Mute/unmute
  • View meeting details
  • Message with participants

Viewing Meeting Info

To view meeting details, click on the information icon located at the top left of the screen. Meeting details include:

  • Topic (Meeting Subject)
  • Host Name
  • Meeting ID

View Participant List

Select the participants icon shown in the top navigation to open/close the list of meeting participants.

Change Video Layout

Two different video layouts are available:

  • Default View – Gallery view of all video tiles at the middle of the screen
  • Spotlight View – Single large video tile with remaining tiles located at the top of the screen

To change the video layout, hover over the video tiles towards the middle of the screen. On hover, the layout selections will appear. Please note, the icons will disappear after some time.

Default View

Spotlight View

Note: View selections are disabled while content is being shared.