Logging In to nVX User Portal

This article will walk you through how to login to the nVX User Portal where you can access WebRTC features, messaging, settings and more.

System Requirements

The nVX User Portal should be accessed via Google Chrome™ (TetraVX supports the most recent stable version; note that Google Chrome applies updates automatically).


Step 1

Open Google Chrome and go to your nVX homepage. To access your homepage, go to your organization’s unique URL. This URL is most commonly https://”domain”.tetravx.com, where “domain” is equal to your company’s name or an abbreviated version of it.

As a best practice, you can set your homepage to nVX by clicking the settings button of your browser options and entering your URL as the homepage under the show home button.

Step 2

Enter your unique Username and Password combination.

Step 3

Your nVX User Portal will now open. After logging in, you should see two icons at the top left of your screen, identified by an ‘S’ and ‘C’. If these icons are green, that means you have connectivity to the nVX services and are registered.